Why The Writer Is An Artist

Above all, the writer is an

Like most writers, i.e. people who are fond of writing, I have been writing ever since I was a child. Taking a pen and putting down on paper words and thoughts was a marvelous diversion. As time went by, writing emerged to have a greater capacity. Indeed, more than entertainment and pastime, its power turned into therapy. The magic tricks which happened while writing, however, did not cease — it always felt full of wonders. I was feeling like an artist at heart.

Nevertheless, as the word ‘art’ is mentioned, fine arts, such as painting and sculpture, tend to call to one’s mind. Those who interpret arts, defining them as ‘creative and usually visual’, are traditionally skeptical to incorporate the art of writing. On reflection, the writer invents a world of his own. He manipulates his characters in the same manner the puppeteer does. He sets the scene in a conceptualized vista. More than the potential metatextual elements, through puns and innuendoes, the writer is a player with words. Stylistic devices, besides the storyline, are his tools. Words are the paint. The pen is no equivalent to the paintbrush. Only the writer’s mind is using literary tools to embellish the work of art. His stylistic devices and writing style are the sole tools he utilizes to practice and master the undisciplined, compelling, meaningless or mighty words.

So, why wouldn’t the writer be considered an artist?

The same way as the painter, the sculptor, and the film-maker, the writer is driven by inspiration. He may be torn between a latent fantasy and an excruciating need. He lives in a creative world in which every object, every event that occurs has a meaning that can be transcended into something deeper and greater. He may question every aspect of his work. As one envisions the painter’s life as wandering through galleries, struggling to pay his rent and living in a topsy-turvy world, the writer’s life does not necessarily encapsulate such clichéd images either.

As any other artist, the writer never sets any limits. Whether it be in his own drafts or as regards to other arts, he is an open-minded person who will always be seeking to learn new things and expand himself to other fields. He will try to write in a new genre or he might attempt to master his drawing skills. He will invariably practice his craft but will never restrain himself from undertaking new projects, no matter how seemingly far they are from him. Branches of art will infallibly entail a connection in the writer’s eyes.

Above all, the writer is an artist because he is driven by a force much greater than him, one he cannot control: passion. With his creative mind, the writer remains an empath who will transfigure into his art his hopes and dreams for a cause he cherishes, the same way Delacroix painted Liberty Leading The People to epitomize a cause he was passionate about.

As author Brandon A. Stanton once said: ‘the writer is simply a photographer of thoughts’. And that is all that makes the writer an artist.


Do you perceive yourself as an artist, whatever your ‘art’ may be? Let’s discuss it!

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  1. You are indeed an artist…and one with a most considerable gift….you write beautifully and thoughtfully…deeply….and engagingly….and, in answer to your question, I consider myself an artist according to the definition you’ve expressed…. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this post. As someone who’s also been drawn to writing my entire life, I can so relate. The first thing I noticed when I came to your blog was the Ernest Hemingway quote in your sidebar — which I just read in “Ernest Hemingway on Writing” by Larry Phillips. That book is such an inspiration, and Hemingway is a true example of an artist.

    1. I’m glad you could relate! Yes, this book is a great insight into Hemingway’s work and state of mind as regards to art.
      Thank you so much for reading!

  3. As a writer, I could really connect with this post.I too,have been drawn to writing, ever since I was a child,so couldn’t get more relatable for me:)Beautiful piece of writing!

  4. Well… The WRITER IS AN ARTIST ! You are completely right ! Why am i saying this ? Because if they were not than songWRITTER would not be artists. A writer is the one who opens doors to a new world, a new story, new perception. Writing IS painting a story. Writing IS art.

    Thank you for you blog miss ^^

  5. This is such an uplifting, validating piece of writing. I particularly love the quote you chose as the end. “A photographer of thoughts”. I’ve never heard that quote but I won’t forget it anytime soon!!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

  6. I think it’s really interesting. It my first time reading you and I think you have such a nice watt or express yourself. The way you put your words are really careful and also really pretty.
    I do think writers are as important as any types of artists.
    Can’t wait to read more about your blog😊

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