The Divine Paradox of Destiny & Fate

We hold on to the fact that every single occurrence in our lives was meant to be. We comfort and protect ourselves from the soul-crushing guilt that might somewhat arise from the ill-omened experiences we undergo. The idea that there was no other way, however much we wish there were, makes us go past the regrets. It reminds us that although we are the sole masters of our words and actions, we still remain subject to a greater force — one that each and every one of us discerns through a different, unique light.


Nevertheless, the belief that everything that is supposed to come to us will at some point, shall not hinder one from stepping in and taking action. In fact, a key difference exists between fate and destiny. The first one is ruled by the laws of the universe and cannot be altered, whilst the second one involves the notion of choice. We can either blindly suppose that regardless of how we act, we will achieve everything that we were inherently promised, or we have the possibility to reckon that all of the hard work, faith, and perseverance that we add to our endeavors will be a strengthening power, and not some wasted energies.

To stand up for our dreams and desires is a lesson I learnt through the hardships I went through in the months leading up to my nineteenth birthday. The epiphany that I had to take control of my life and not wait around came after my family and I were evicted from our social housing. With nowhere to go, I finally discovered that I couldn’t sit around anymore and act like a puppet waiting for life to happen to me. It is after those dreadful months that I dared to act upon my dreams and thus I turned my life around.

To certain people, believing that all is meant to be and that we can control our lives seems like a paradox. Yet, the correlation of these principles stands for the incredible grandeur that one can epitomize in spite of the utter narrowness they actually are.

Fate does not embody an inevitable and daunting force to which we are subject. On the contrary, it represents the myriad of bright, unfathomable and seemingly unheralded wonders that are meant to be in our lives. Fate manifests itself through the legions of surprises that are thrown at us day by day. It encapsulates the fact that the best things in life happen most of the time when we least expect it. It is a timeline that we will grasp only at the end of the road.


© Giulia C. 


Fate is being shown an exquisite sunset after a storm has barely ended. Fate is the unexpected messages. Fate is seeing the light in someone’s eyes after being left in the dark for a long time. Fate is being made to believe again, being made to feel alive again, being made to trust in life again.


Truth is there could never have been any coming back. There is no right or wrong decision, missed opportunity or failed attempt. There was only one way. You can choose to trust that you are a work in progress in the universe and that in order to make the best out of it the universe and you shall work hand in hand. And you can dare not to shy away from the fear that other beings shine more brightly than you do, for in the end, regardless of the peculiarities of your journey, the outcome will remain the same. You will be one of those lights.


What’s your stance on fate and destiny?

giulia (3)


  1. Great post, great analysis.

    We control our world. What i did yesterday is what i recieve today. It is all karma, and law of attraction . We are in control but it is easier to consider that we are controlled by fate and Destiny is fixed. But it is all related to karma and law if attraction, what i did yesterday impacts today. Therefore what i do today i change my destiny and fate.
    Great post. Have a great week.

  2. I don’t really believe in fate, but I do believe what we put out in to the world is what we get back in return. This was a really interesting post to read x

    Hannah |

  3. Your writing is sublime! As a literature teacher this is a huge theme is so many novels and also in Shakespeare. I loved this post and found it so thought provoking.

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