One Last Thing…

The High-Heeled Papergirl started quite strangely as ‘My Daily Pretty Notes’ in January 2014. I was barely sixteen years old at the time and I probably liked the echo that these words made. It comes quite as a surprise for me to be sitting here, damn it, five years later. Right, I may not have been so consistent at all times. Yet especially in these past years in which I’ve finally ‘started living’ (for I had always considered that I was merely witnessing life happening to me before), there’s constantly been some periods when I’ve come back to writing on this blog. Sticking to a project had been for a long time a seemingly impossible thing to achieve. I have not given up. It may have become an on-and-off activity but this blog still means a lot to me. I read back on my very first pieces of writing shared here, and I almost shiver.

To look back on what the eighteen-year-old me was thinking, doing, writing creates an impressive emotion inside of me. For I have grown so much in these past years, this blog has been of a tremendous help. It seems like I have already written this a zillion times but I need to pinpoint again how much more open-minded, confident and honest it has taught me to be. Never would I have thought that I’d ever reach nine hundred followers. Never would I have thought that I would be able to share some of my most intimate pieces of writing. Never would I have thought that I would ever be able to share them with my friends. Yet, here I am.

This blog defines a huge part of me, and I’m grateful for having shared these pieces of my life with those who read. Pieces that I desperately needed someone to hear when I literally had no one else. Thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t keep bottled up any longer. It’s been a kind of freedom for me. As I wrote in one of my introduction post, I was ‘a mere being longing to break free’, and now, I really believe I’ve walked a long way since then. But today, this blog has become for me somewhat a disorganized flow of thoughts, whilst all I really need today in my life is some sort of stability. I need my writing to be more stable than that. So today I’m embarking on new ventures, that I hope some of you will keep on following (reach out to me if you believe you’d be interested). Perhaps no one is reading this at the moment, and that’s fine, but for every person that has ever read my blog, whether it be only one post or many of them years ago, thank you.

I feel so very lucky and blessed for how much writing has brought me.

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  1. I had a previous blog to the one I have now. And it literally helped me grow. Well this one does too. There is something empowering and therapeutic about sharing your inner thoughts with the world in hopes to connect. So we should be thanking you for sharing such amazing content and I hope to see more! XxX

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